Darby Raymond-Overstreet is a digital artist and printmaker. She was born in Tuba City Arizona, grew up in Flagstaff Arizona, and is a proud member of the Navajo Nation. She received her B.A.s in Psychology and Studio Art and graduated with Honors from Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH in 2016.
All of her work is heavily inspired by and derived from Traditional Diné/Navajo textiles woven in the late 1800's-1950's.
In regards to her portraiture her statement is as follows:
"The geometric and banded designs are widely recognized as Indigenous pattern, but the people from whom these patterns come from are disregarded as relics of the past.
We are still here.
I translate the artistry of the traditional woven rugs into the format and medium of digital drawing, in effort to reflect the concept reconciling the values of indigenous traditionalism and current society's modernity by virtue of being a product of both.
All of the patterns used are sampled from scanned images of actual rugs that were woven in the 19th and 20th centuries and are now parts of vast collections acquired through trade.
The portraits also serve as an homage to the Navajo weavers who created the rugs of this trade era. Without the weavers and their ability to adapt their skill to fit the function of trade to support their families, the people on whom these portraits are based may not have been woven into the Navajo culture at all."
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